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What Is A Facebook Auto Poster That Posts Automatically

The Facebook Auto Poster is one of several tools available from FB Automate apps. With the new Facebook auto poster tool, you can schedule posts to multiple Facebook pages with one click. The app will post to your Facebook Pages automatically based on your settings by date, time, and zone. Not sure about the best posting times? You no longer have to leave everything up to chance! This is a must-have for social media managers who run multiple pages and accounts.


auto poster
Choose to post an image, link or video in normal auto-post

What is Facebook Auto Poster?

The Facebook auto poster is a FB Automate app, it will constantly create posts that will be posted to all your Facebook Pages. You can set the date, time and zone of a post that will be created every single day. The auto-posting service is really handy for everyone who needs to post quick links, screenshots, quotes or links that will be shared to Facebook pages.

When to Use Facebook Auto Poster? This tool will help you update all Facebook Pages all the time even when you sleep. It is best suited for small business owners, bloggers or social media agency, who want to update multiple Facebook Pages at once, without having to worry about the time.


Why Should Use FB Auto Poster?

The average daily social media posts may have been done on the calendar date, however, there are no such rules to suggest when such posts are to be published. And thus, the chances of you missing out on this opportunity are quite high! This is where the Facebook auto poster makes it easy for you! The auto-posting tool will instantly post your Facebook Pages post for you automatically on the same day, time and same location without any hassle. And there’s more!

The Facebook auto poster will also post Facebook videos, Facebook Ads and a lot more! By doing so, it becomes a lot easier for you to manage and schedule Facebook posts! Once you are setting up auto-posting, you can choose a date, time and location that you want to automate the FB post.

Set up FB Auto Poster on FB Automate

To use FB auto poster, you will first need to subscribe to one of the FB Automate packages, get the trial.

After successful login to the FB Automate system, you will see all the function apps in the left sidebar. Click the Post Manager tab and will be showing 3 different functions;


facebook auto poster
Enable auto-comment bot and schedule your post by time, date and time zone.


Normal Auto-Poster section

You can post images, links or videos and schedule posts by time, date dan time zone. The auto-post section is also able to connect your auto-comment bot directly based on your template.

CTA Auto-Poster Section

This is a popular section in FB Automate apps. Create your post with a special Call-to-Action button. On a normal Facebook page, you only can use this button when doing Facebook Ads. But, using FB Automate, we give the feature to empower your FB post.

Slide Auto-Poster Section

Do you want more creativity in Facebook posts? Use Slide post by FB Automate. Design your image using FB Ads Designer, capture customer view with up to 5 slide post images. You also can insert the link and short description.


The Conclusion is

Automate Facebook posts can be really useful, but it can be tricky too. But, it more beneficial when you can manage the apps. There are many tools that can help you boost your Facebook post, even the Facebook page itself have the feature, but very limited function. Using FB Automate, you will get more than 10 apps in a single dashboard. Why pay more for other apps, when you can get in FB Automate.

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