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How to get out of the Sandbox and increase AMAZON SES limits

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is an email service provider just like SendGrid, Mailgun and others.But, why do we choose Amazon SES as FB Automate integration? Because it’s cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application.

The sending is limited to 200 emails per day when you register a new account with Amazon Web Services. So, what you need to do is request increased Amazon SES limits and get out of the Sandbox account. In this article, we will guide you to getting approval with at least 50,000 emails limit.

You need to sign in to your console before you start.
If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for it for free. 

  1. Click support and choose “Support Center
aws limit 1
AWS Support Center

2. In Amazon AWS Support Center page, click Create Case as picture below

aws limit 2
Create Case AWS Center

3. On the Create Case page, select “Service Limit Increase

aws limit 3
Service Limit Increase AWS

4. In Case Details section, type “SES” and choose “SES Service Limits

aws limit 4
SES Service Limits

5. For Mail Type, select “Marketing” and Website URL, type your URL business website.

aws limit 5
Provide Mail Type AWS

6. In this section, you can type your answer like this ” Emails are only sent to registered users and those who have subscribed to our messages.”

7. In “The process that you will follow when you receive bounce and complaint notifications” The bounce and complaints will be handled by the FBAutomate software, which we will use to send emails. For bounce: If the bounce is permanent, FBAutomate unsubscribes the lead immediately. And no email will be sent in the future to that address. If the bounce is not permanent, FBAutomate just stores the response related to the bounce (like timestamp, type, subtype) for future use. For complaint: FBAutomate unsubscribes the email address immediately. And no email will be sent in the future to that address.

8. In “Will you will comply with AWS Service Terms and AUP,” select “YES.”

aws limit 6
Detail AWS Required

9. Under “Requests” for “Region” select the AWS Region in which you verified your email earlier and have configured FBAutomate to use.

10. After selecting the “Region” you will see “Limit” choose the type of quota increment that you need to request. There are two options, Desired Daily Send Quota and Desired Maximum Send Rate.

Recommended, select “Desired Daily Sending Quota

11. You can enter the limit that you want to be increased to the new limit value. You can enter a higher number if you want, but we suggest 50,000 for a new user.

aws limit 7
Request Limit AWS

12. In the “Case Description” section, for “Use case description” explain how you will use Amazon SES to send emails.

This is our example:

Hello team AWS,

My official website is [ insert URL your website], and over a while, I have collected email ids through subscriptions. The email ids are authentic and verified. I have been using other email service providers for a long time, and now I have decided to shift to Amazon SES.

I will use an email sending application, namely: . This application can effectively handle bounce, complaint, and un-subscription. And, it has been added to my verified email address in my Amazon SES account.

I hope you will approve my request for Amazon SES production access in the region mentioned above.

Let me know if you have any queries.


aws limit 8
How to get out of the Sandbox and increase AMAZON SES limits 1

13. On Contact Options, slect English and contact method choose Web.

An email confirmation will be sent after the successful submission of the form. It might take up to 24 hours for approval. Amazon will approve your request and you will get another email.

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