Tutorial FB Auto Post Editor

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In FB Auto Post, we have 4 different section;

  1. FB Auto Post Editor – You can BOLD text, italicized, underlined and many more. You also can combine with emoji.
  2. Normal Post (Under Post Manager) – You can post image, link, video. Setting for instant post or schedule for later.
  3. CTA Post (Under Post Manager) – Create call to action button such as subscribe, sign up, like page, learn more and many more. Link to any URL to capture visitors and leads.
  4. Slide Post (Under Post Manager) – Create carousel image or carousel video. Setup description, title, URL for each image. You also can setting an instant post or schedule for later.
2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment

Step #1: Click "Post Editor"

You can find at left slidebar software apps list.

2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment3

Step #2: Write any message content

Write any content with additional function such as bold, underline, emoji and more, click next.

Click button "COPY" - If you want to use the content directly to Facebook page without using FB Automate.

Click "NEXT" to proceed another process

2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment4

Step #3: Choose to use in normal post or CTA post

This post editor will be link with 2 different FB Auto post under Post manager automatically. In this tutorial i will use normal post.

2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment6

Step #4: Write detail about your post

This is normal post, you can use text, link, image or video.

Click name of the campaign, select page, you can insert unlimited page and submit post instantly or setting schedule later.

2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment7

Step #5: Click together CRTL & V to paste

At the step #2, we already write the content and at this section you need to press PC keyword CRTL and V to paste the content.

2. How to FB Auto Post Editor Moment8

Step #6: Click together CRTL & V to paste

Enable Comment Bot - You need to set up FB Auto Comment before use this function. If you already done the template, enable this will show you which template you can use. So, this post, every time visitors comment will be reflex with your FB Auto Comment.

Now or Schedule Later - Click now will be post instantly to your Facebook page. Choice schedule will be post base on date, time and time zone.

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