Tutorial FB Auto Comment Bot

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3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment2

Step #1: Click - Comment Bot in software list

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment3

Step #2: Click grey button " + Enable Comment Bot"

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment4

Step #3: Choose which Facebook page

This section will show all your Facebook page. Please choose and click " + " symbol to activate/enable comment bot.

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment5

Step #4: Pop up show all your previous post

Choose which posting will be use for comment bot and click enable to activate the bot.

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment6

Step #5: Setup you comment bot

  1. Give name of you posting campaign (Only you will be see)
  2. Run multiple time per-user - If customer comment 2 or 3 time, they will see same reply.
  3. Enable auto comment like - Once customer comment on you posting, bot wil automatically like and reply.
  4. Enable comment autoreply - normally enable(Yes)

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment7

Step #6: Insert text public and private reply

You have 2 option

Public - Will be show at front page posting
Private - Will be send to customer inbox messenger

  1. Default Reply - Any customer comment, all of them will got same text for public and private reply
  2. Keyword base relpy - Choose regular text like "detail, PM, $, Price," or any keyword. Let's say you put "detail" as keyword. I comment - "could you please give more detail" and bot will reply at 2 part, public and private.

Please see the demo video for more clear.

3. How to FB Auto Comment bot Moment8

Step #7: Check report for your referance

You can see the report comment bot, if the bot not reply you can click manually to send again.

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