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Marketer Tools Success

FB Automate is built-in with smart AI Chatbot,
you can create a chat flow and connect with the Messenger e-commerce platform.
Improve your support service, follow-up leads and convert into loyal customers.

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Facebook Automation Tools

Professional tools for the successful marketer. No coding, no token credential and no need to request Facebook apps.
Just log in, connect to your FB profile, make a setting and boom! You are ready to run your virtual assistant 24/7.
This apps is 100% Facebook Inc complaint and will not harm your Facebook profile.

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FB Automate Store

Messenger Ecommerce

Now you can open your own online shop in minutes. Get the latest Messenger ecommerce shop technology, connect and advertise with your audience.

  • Lighting speed loading
  • Easy-to-manage report and customer database
  • Sell physical, digital or subscription product
  • Setting for cost of shipping, checkout trigger
  • Create and connect with up-sell and down-sell
  • Custom name shop with our sub-domain
  • Instant share link or use smart shorten link
  • SEO Friendly with sitemaps, product rich text schema
  • Meta title and description for social media sharing
  • Retargeting using FB pixel or Google Analytics
fbautomate chatbot flow builder
Publish Share Engage

FB Automate Marketing Tools

Facebook isn’t just for connecting with friends anymore. With FB Automate, you can find new leads and customers, advertise your products or services, and grow your brand on the world’s most popular social network.

  • Most advanced chatbots drag-and-drop flow builder.
  • FB Livestream
  • FB Auto Comment Reply
  • Facebook Post Automation randomizing
  • FB Ads interest finder
  • FB growth tools
  • Chatbot broadcast and sequences
  • FB Live Chat
  • Messenger Webview, Get started, Keywords
  • Welcome message, persistent menu
growth tools integration
Winning Your Audiences

Growth Tool Integration

This is set of tools to help you grow your shop, convert more visitors into customers. Keep follow-up your leads using powerful integration in FB Automate.

  • Up-sell and down-sell with Chatbots integration.
  • Follow-up leads using chatbot broadcast
  • Send a special chatbot using sequences
  • Integration for ecommerce shop
  • Integration for Messenger chatbot
  • Coming soon – workflow automation
  • Access to API Developer (Advance User)
  • Coming soon – email integration
  • Google Sheets Integration