Frequently Asked Questions

Common user questions and anwered below;

FB Automate or Facebook Marketing Automation is a marketing toolkit for online businesses, freelancer and product owner who want to advertise their product or service at Facebook page or group with professional result.
FB Automate have 10 application such as FB Autopost, FB Live, FB Lead extractor and many more. Grab your virtual Facebook assistant now ! And get the faster result. Our bundle package for one price monthly, yearly or lifetime.
Our software is SaaS product, it mean user no need to install at their computer. After subscribe, we will give access login to our online platform (Web base). Clean and easy interface. If you are new in Facebook marketing, use our service will bring you to the next level in social marketing. Surprise your audience with your professional work.
  • Trial 3 Days Full Access (Limited per-user/ID) – $1.00
  • Monthly Subscription – $12.00
  • Half yearly Subscription - $56.00
  • Yearly Subscription (12 Months) – $109.00
  • Lifetime Subscription – $ ?5.00 (Available Soon)
  • 1 Account access with unlimited Facebook page/group
  • 10 application in 1 platform
  • Monthly or Yearly subscription
  • Tutorial, documentation and bonus
  • Access to premium post
No. The software has been coded together to deliver the best value to our customers. Also, this is a complete system crafted carefully to deliver results.
FB Automate is 100% Facebook compliant. Each and every tool included in the bundle is 100% Facebook approved. Safe to use without compromise.

FB Automate
FB Automate is a new software as a service (SaaS). We put all the effort to make sure you and your business success in Facebook marketing.

Muhor Solution
Registered company under Commission Company of Malaysia (CCM). Our official company website is .

This is web service site, where all the SaaS working under one roof. Currently, we have 3 SaaS service such as Facebook marketing, SEO tracker toolkit and mailing list program.
Lifetime deal promotion for digital product and service around the world. We gather all the digital product owner and reseller at .