5 best facebook marketing tools

The 5 Best Facebook Marketing Tools For Effective Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the place to be for digital marketers in 2021. It has the world’s most extensive user base of any network, and with these users spread throughout the globe, you can reach just about anyone in any niche.

But let’s be honest: you can’t do Facebook marketing on your own. We’ve put a particular focus on finding affordable tools so that they’re accessible to budgets of all sizes. These include Facebook posts manager, Messenger chats, Facebook comment bot, and other marketing tools.

Facebook Marketing for Digital Marketers

Platforms and publishers make up the backbone of any internet marketer’s digital strategy. To maximize a brand’s audience on Facebook, you must be on Facebook pages for the best of the best. By tracking the Facebook pages of popular businesses, publications, and news sources, you can build your own personalized and targeted list of ideal customers.

The best place to start is by looking for Facebook pages related to your niche is using Facebook Audience Insights.

5 Best FB Automate Tools You Need To Know

FB Automate is a Facebook marketing tool that offers all-in-one automation. Its user-friendly interface lets you start with the tools that work best for businesses and agencies. With FB Automate, you can share posts, images, live stream videos on multiple FB pages from one interface. Just $8 per month with full access to automation tools, premium subscribers will also get premium content like design, tips, and advanced tutorials. See, how FB Automate feature can help boost your brand or subscribe to our affordable price to get benefits now!

FB Tool #1: Facebook Post Manager

facebook marketing post manager
Create normal post, CTA post or slide post with auto comment template and scheduling

While you can do some essential Facebook advertising yourself, you can also learn a lot by using Facebook Posts Manager in FB Automate to create a series of posts before sending them to your followers. This tool will help you test your audience demographics, content, and pay-per-click ad formats without pay Facebook Ads. In FB Automate, we have three sub-sections to boost your content – Normal post, Call-To-Action (CTA) post, and slide post.

FB Tool #2: Facebook Messenger Chat

fb marketing tool messenger bot
Reply Messenger by keyword, get started, with unlimited layer template

There are times when you need to connect with a customer, and that’s where Facebook Messenger chat is a great tool. You can use it to speak to customers while they’re on the other side of the world, and a lot of them will respond. It’s essentially an all-in-one app that has been built for Facebook messaging. It helps that Facebook offers live chat functionality. As part of the Messenger platform, you can set up a dedicated chat on your Facebook page to enable your customers to talk with your support team about an issue and get the solution immediately.

FB Tool #3: Facebook Comment Bot

fbmarketingtool fbautomate
Create auto comment bot with unlimited template and reply

If you’re tired of sending one-click comments to respond to your audience, FB Automate has a unique tool for you! You can create a Facebook auto comment bot that people can use to type up something in response to your status update or another post. All you have to do is configure it by assigning the bot to respond to certain words and numbers. The comments you create for Facebook status updates will be saved in a text file, and anyone who wants to post a comment can enter the text, and the bot will automatically send the word as a comment to their status update.

FB Tool #4: Facebook Broadcast Messenger

fb automate pro marketing tools
Send broadcast message to all subscriber

Broadcast messages are the most powerful marketing tool today. Send unlimited broadcasts to subscribers across your pages and multiple Facebook accounts from a single easy-to-use dashboard in minutes. Just choose a subset of people who’ve messaged you, hit them with a text blast, an image, and even select a call to action like a button to redirect them to your offers or customer support. With an average of 90%, open rates, and 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email. You can see our video tutorial, how to do Facebook broadcast messenger

FB Tool #5: Facebook Live Streaming

fb live video marketing tool
Stream live video to all FB pages or schedule and upload

Upload a pre-recorded video and broadcast it live across multiple Facebook pages and multiple Facebook accounts from one dashboard. This is a complete set-n-forget system. Unlike other tools, there is no need to open your computer during the live stream. Everything is done from the cloud. Just schedule and forget it. Upload a video and stream it across multiple pages and accounts from a dashboard. This is the only way you can stream live from a live stream without opening your computer to watch it.

The Conclusion is

Whether you are businesses or agencies, and what your marketing goals, there’s an array of inexpensive Facebook marketing tools that can help you achieve them. Let use the tools and start to automate your marketing plan that make it simple and effective to market your business, service, or product online.

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