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Facebook automation advantages and how does it work

Facebook automation advantages and how does it work

Automation simply refers to tools or program which trust on bots or scripts to take care of different marketing jobs, well, automatically. If you have ever received an email autoresponder, you have seen automation in action firsthand.

In the case of Facebook post automation, we are discussing about tools that automate jobs such as:

  • Liking and sharing statuses, pages or images across your accounts
  • Leaving comments on images, statuses, or pages
  • Inviting friends to specific events or pages
  • Rejecting or accepting all pending friend requests

These specs of Facebook automation specs might seem like game-changer at a glance. That said, there is much more to program than meets the eye.

As soon as you put your Facebook attendance in the hands of a software, you quickly give up the human part of your social marketing.

The advantages of Facebook automation

Here are some of the advantages of Facebook automation:

Your brand never sleeps

Brands should respond to comments, questions, and inquiries in a timely manner, regardless of time zone or industry. If you cannot get back to your critiques or commenters within a matter of hours such inaction could translate to a lost sales or customer opportunity. The idea of automated responses is remarkable to marketers who want their businesses to be “on” 24/7.

Our research found that consumers guess brands to reply within 4 hours on social, yet most brands take significantly longer.

You save time

Perhaps the most clear advantage of automation is that marketers can focus less on the “little stuff” and more on the big image of their social marketing. Although tasks such as leaving match comments and liking posts are pieces of an excellent social presence, they do not forever represent your most wise marketing tasks.

Through Facebook automation, marketers can target more on promotion that is the killer of piece of content or performing outreach versus breaking their backs leaving likes and comments  that may never really be seen.

You can grow your follower count

While there are many moving parts of rising your Facebook attendance, finding opportunities to engage your followers is an excellent way. Beyond sharing and replying to content to make Facebook page more noticeable, automation helps make the illusion of a more dynamic presence. Brands that post regularly and appear to link with their followers are obviously poised for huge numbers than a page gathering cobwebs.

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