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  • How to get out of the Sandbox and increase AMAZON SES limits
    Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is an email service provider just like SendGrid, Mailgun and others.But, why do we choose Amazon SES as FB Automate integration? Because it’s cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application. The sending is limited to 200 emails per day when you…
  • The 5 Best Facebook Marketing Tools For Effective Facebook Advertising
    Facebook is the place to be for digital marketers in 2021. It has the world’s most extensive user base of any network, and with these users spread throughout the globe, you can reach just about anyone in any niche. But let’s be honest: you can’t do Facebook marketing on your own. We’ve put a particular…
  • Facebook automation advantages and how does it work
    Facebook automation advantages and how does it work Automation simply refers to tools or program which trust on bots or scripts to take care of different marketing jobs, well, automatically. If you have ever received an email autoresponder, you have seen automation in action firsthand. In the case of Facebook post automation, we are discussing…
  • What Is A Facebook Auto Poster That Posts Automatically
    Learn how to set up a Facebook auto poster on FB Automate. Why the FB auto poster is the best Facebook marketing tool.
  • How to automate Facebook posts
    So, you have made the company’s Facebook page, and have now been curating and making content for a few weeks, months, or years. The issue is that you probably have a million other jobs to take care of instead of scouring Facebook all day. Most social media managers marketer in charge of multiple, write online…
  • Optimize Facebook With Automation Tools
    Why you should optimize your Facebook page using automation tools? Get the latest tips and smart way to achieve your target.

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