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How to automate Facebook posts

So, you have made the company’s Facebook page, and have now been curating and making content for a few weeks, months, or years.

The issue is that you probably have a million other jobs to take care of instead of scouring Facebook all day. Most social media managers marketer in charge of multiple, write online content and blogs, are involved in business development, and have to analyze figures and numbers.

If you are a business owner, Facebook automation posts can free you for more vital jobs.

Why should I automate Facebook posts?

The answer should be quite clear, to keep your time and still grow your traffic, audience and business. Most businesses probably want to get some of the following goals:

  • Get more likes on your page
  • Drive traffic to your site or blog
  • Deliver standard content to friends and followers
  • Maintain engagement with followers and customers

Facebook pages can be an amazing source of traffic, but it is not actually simple to acquire 1000s of followers. That takes dedication to consistently post standard content.

So, when should you automate on Facebook?

Some tasks on Facebook need that you do them manually, as a human being.

Other jobs can be rightly automated. For example:

  • Scheduling posts to reduce the time you have to be on Facebook
  • Sharing your blog posts
  • Sharing and re-sharing your event
  • Running and sharing Facebook contents on your page
  • Spreading out your post so you did not flood with followers with lots of updates at once

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How to automate Facebook posts?

Great! You are in good hands. FB Automate has much automation, especially in schedule posting, comment reply and messenger auto chat (Chatbot). Here, how to set your automation like a professional marketer.

  1. Connect your Facebook profile accounts to the FB Automate
  2. Click post manager and choose normal post, CTA post or slide post
  3. Pick with Facebook accounts you want to post to
  4. Make your post
  5. Pick whether to post instantly or schedule by date and time
  6. Run the system and leave your virtual assistant do your work

Read the full tutorial, How to set Facebook post with FB Automate. We also created a video tutorial for other automation.

Using Facebook automation, you can simply schedule a Facebook post and pick the frequently of how often you would love each post repeated, and how many times that post is repeated before it expires – or pick no expiration for it to be repeated indefinitely.


Full automation of social media is never wise, but automation of some jobs can keep time and free you up for content creation, market research and full engagement.

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